We made it

We have been driving and camping for the last two days and left Bhutan this morning. We had a small detour to return to the campsite to pick up Louise’s Hermes scarf. 

We then had to drive around 100km back in the mad world of India through some small towns with the usual traffic chaos then at last on to a brand new dual carriageway, this was great apart from the red Massy Fergusson driving towards us in our fast lane! 

A really fantastic trip, I will upload the final photos now – where to next? Japan 2017 sounds fun……


Cracking drive today in the sunshine to the second festival at Trashigan, rather better music with lots of dancing soldiers and blokes on drums.  The clown had a large cockadoodledo attached to his hat. 

Met the head of planning for the province, next year the field will be a Lidl. 

Tomorrow we drop down the hot plain at the Indian border. Photos to follow if wi fi allows.